Download from apple only

Jul 28, 2011 at 3:11 AM

Is it possible to download trailers form apple only?


Thanks for this useful app.

Jul 28, 2011 at 5:56 PM

I haven't had that request before. Could you explain why this would be valuable to you or others.?

Aug 1, 2011 at 2:48 AM



Thanks for this great app. the reason im requesting trailers from apple is that trailers from apple have the highest quality when compared to others. best picture and best sound. im am not very technical so i cant say why apple trailer is better technically, but from my subjective observation, i found that apple trailer has the highest video and audio quality. this is so noticeable, even my wife is agree with me(without me saying anything). i have limited time to watch trailers so i would rather only watch the best. plus if the trailer doesnt have 1080p, to me, it isnt worth wathcing. if the trailer is not on apple site, then the trailer is not worth watching. as of right now, im using flexget to download apple trailers, but flexget is quite rough for this kind of app. if hd trailers can download from apple trailers, then hd trailers (IMHO) is the definitive trailer downloader.



Aug 2, 2011 at 5:29 PM

I guess I wasn't looking as I never noticed the difference in quality. If I understand you correctly a 1080p trailer from Apple is significantly better than a 1080p trailer from another site? I will have to check that out. What source were you using for Trailers links? TrailerFreaks? or HD-Trailers.Net? Have you tried restricting downloads to 1080p only?

Take Care

Aug 3, 2011 at 11:19 PM

im using the default source and restricted to 1080p. my configs are like this.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!--Set in order of preference. If doesn't exist, will skip. Ex: "720p,1080p,480p"-->
<add key="QualityPreference" value="1080p" />

<!--Set url parts to skip. Comma delimited. Ex: ","-->
<add key="SitesToSkip" value=""/>

<!--Where do you want the trailers downloaded to?-->
<add key="TrailerDownloadFolder" value="S:\HD Trailers\" />
<!--Where do you want the metadata downloaded to? Almost always will want it set same as TrailerDownloadFolder-->
<!--I do some processing of my trailers and then move them afterwards to the metadata folder(s)-->
<add key="MetadataDownloadFolder" value="S:\HD Trailers\" />
<!--Setting this to true will create a folder for each trailer off the TrailerDownloadFolder and MetadataDownloadFolder-->
<add key="CreateFolder" value="true" />
<!--Set to True to download available posters-->
<add key="GrabPoster" value="true" />
<!--Set to True to save files with XBMC -trailer appended-->
<add key="XBMCFileNames" value="true" />
<!--Set to True to create an XBMC style movie Nfo file. This is accomplished by doing a lookup on IMDB-->
<add key="CreateXBMCNfoFile" value="true" />
<!-- if IMDB does not have the IMDB rating using this rating instead PG, PG13, R, etc-->
<add key="IfIMDBMissingMPAARatingUse" value="PG_13" />
<!--Delete files/Directories older than X days. Set to 0 to disable and keep all-->
<add key="KeepFor" value="0" />
<!--Delete files to recyclebin-->
<add key="DeleteToRecycleBin" value="true" />
<!--only interested in trailers, not in special features or inside looks-->
<add key="TrailersOnly" value = "true"/>
<!--only interested in trailers, strictly "Trailers" - No longer Used"-->
<add key="StrictTrailersOnly" value = "true"/>
<!--For Exclusions, consider Trailers and Theatrical Trailers identical-->
<add key="TrailersIdenticaltoTheatricalTrailers" value = "true"/>
<!--skip Theatrical Trailers -->
<add key="SkipTheatricalTrailers" value = "false"/>
<!--Consider Theatrical and Numbered Trailers as Identical -->
<add key="ConsiderTheatricalandNumberedTrailersasIdentical" value = "false"/>
<!--skip Teaser Trailers -->
<add key="SkipTeaserTrailers" value = "true"/>
<!--only download trailers for specific movie Genres (all, drama, comedy, action, etc) use all for all Genres-->
<add key="IncludedGenres" value="all" />
<!--exclude trailers for specific movie Genres (all, drama, comedy, action, etc) use none to not exclude anything-->
<add key="ExcludeGenres" value="None" />
<!-- define minimum file size (in bytes), avoid content from sites not willing to stream to unknown clients -->
<add key="MinTrailerSize" value = "100000"/>
<!--Set to True to add successful downloads to exclusions file and to prevent re-downloading any found in the file-->
<add key="UseExclusions" value="true" />
<!--prepends download date to directory or filename of the downloaded trailer-->
<add key="AddDates" value="true" />
<!--appends trailer Quality to filename of the downloaded trailer-->
<add key="AppendTrailerQuality" value="true" />
<!--the useragent identifier can be set according to the download site. a comma delimited listed of identifier for the download site -->
<!--has to be matched with a comma delimited list of possible useragent strings -->
<!-- for example key="UserAgentIds" value=",," -->
<add key="UserAgentIds" value="" />
<!-- and the definition key="UserAgentStrings" value="agent1,agent2,agent3"-->
<!-- will supply the useragent 'agent2' while trying to access anything on -->
<add key="UserAgentStrings" value="QuickTime/7.6.2" />

<!-- Address of the RSS feed to consume -->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<!--add key="FeedAddress" value="" /-->
<add key="FeedAddress" value="" />

<!--Turn this on only if you want to double-click the .exe for some reason to prevent output from... -->
<!--disappearing before you can read it.-->
<add key="PauseWhenDone" value="false" />

<!--Setting this to true will significantly increase the logging/output for debugging-->
<add key="VerboseLogging" value="true" />
<!--Write log to physical file. HD-Trailers.NET Downloader.log-->
<add key="PhysicalLog" value="true" />

<!--Want to receive a report of each time the tool runs? Set to True and be sure to fill out the address and server info-->
<add key="EmailSummary" value="true" />
<add key="EmailAddress" value="" />
<add key="SMTPServer" value="" />
<add key="EmailReturnAddress" value="" />
<add key="EmailReturnDisplayName" value="HD-Trailer.NET Downloader" />

<!-- Post execution EXE-->
<!-- Enable and configure to run an executable at the conclusion. Potentially to fire off notification to something like Growl as in example-->
<!-- %N = # of new videos downloaded this run -->

<add key="RunEXE" value="false" />
<add key="RunOnlyWhenNewTrailers" value="true"/>
<add key="Executable" value="D:\Tools Storage\growlnotify\" />
<add key="EXEArguements" value="/p:1 &quot;%N New Trailers Downloaded&quot;" />



thanks for your time. appreciate it.

Aug 4, 2011 at 6:41 PM

Could you confirm if the downloaded trailers are in fact 1080p? Would you have a couple of examples of poor quality trailers?

Everything looks finn in your config file.

Another thing to try is a different feed such as the Feed-for-Trailer-Freaks

Aug 5, 2011 at 2:33 AM

I look at the feeds I have and all of the feeds are currently using Yahoo links for the trailers. I looked a a couple of trailers at 1080p from Apple and Yahoo (Rise of the Plant of the Apes). I didn't notice any difference. NOt to say there isn't a difference. Maybe it is a codec issue?