New Version

Mar 8, 2011 at 5:12 PM

Ok As you have seen I have created a new version of HD-Trailers.Net downloader.  I tried using ClickOnce as a deployment system. If that worked, the application would automatically update it self on a periodic basis. The problem is ClickOnce's security model means that it must never require admin permission. Where this shows up for end users is that it is difficult to schedule a ClickOnce application  to run on schedule using Task Scheduler as Task Schedule requires admin permissions. You can get it to run on schedule but  the hoops that HD-Trailer.Net and the end user have to jump through make it inconvenient. I will look ar using a more typical setup package the will install the application normally.

I would appreciate any feedback on Version 1.4. This is the version I am running on my system. It works more my settings but I have not tested the other settings as well. There is still some work to getting the IMDB scraper to work as well as it is supposed to but the key fields used by XBMC's Home Cinema Experience are populated.

Take Care