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These are configured via the .config file:
  • Quality Selection - Specify what HD res you find acceptable in preferential order.
  • Skip Site - Don't want trailers from a particular provider? No problem, add them to the Sites to Skip list
  • Create Folder - Download all to a single folder or create a folder for each trailer/video
  • Grab Posters - Automatically fetch movie posters along with the trailer
  • Auto Purge Old Videos - Set how many days you wish to keep videos before the app deletes them
  • Trailers Only - Skip any videos that are not true trailers. The blog will often post movie clips, interviews, etc along with the actual trailers
  • Resume Downloads - Have a crappy connection? The app will check to ensure downloaded videos are the right filesize and resume if necessary
  • Re-Download Protection - The application will add videos to an exclusion list once they've been successfully downloaded and will check against the list prior to downloading to ensure you do not get any duplicates. It will also look to see if the video already exists locally and if it's the right size (see Resume Downloads).
  • Min File Size - Only downloads videos above a specified filesize.
  • Logging - Option of none, simple and verbose logging to display or file.
  • E-mail Summary - Send yourself an email summary to see what was downloaded (or skipped/resumed/etc)
  • Post Download .EXE Execution - I use this to notify me of new trailers via Growl For Windows which then forwards to my phone
  • Ability to include and exclude Trailers by Genre
  • Append the -trailer to the file name required by XBMC
  • Save an XBMC style NFO file used by the Home Cinema Experience addin

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